Altruette wants you to design our next charm! 


We love the work that Girl Up does and we want to add a charm that represents your energy and commitment to helping other girls around the world. So instead of designing a charm for you, we want a Girl Up member to design the winning charm. 
The winning designer will receive a $500 gift card to Altruette. And she'll also be profiled on our web site and Instagram page @altruettecharms
Here's how it works: First, get inspired. Think about what design would represent Girl Up and what charm you and your friends would love to wear. You can look online for inspiration, you can talk with friends, you can go to Altruette's Instagram page @altruettecharms, etc. Then sit down and sketch out your design. If you don't like to draw, you can write out a description of what you think the charm should look like. Send your ideas to (You can send more than one design.) 
A team of Altruette and Girl Up leaders will choose the top five designs and then all members of Girl Up will be invited to vote for the best design. 
Any questions, email And remember, Altruette has professional designers to take your sketch to the next level so don't stress about making it perfect. We want every member of Girl Up to be part of this project. So get started and send us your ideas!
Julie + Lee
Co-founders, Altruette
Still need inspiration?
Check out our current Girl Up charm: