We like to think we invented our birthday box, but that’s not the whole story. Like all our best ideas, it came from listening to some of our youngest customers and their moms. A friend of Julie’s told her she didn’t want to throw or attend one more wasteful/excessive birthday party. Another friend’s 7 year old wanted a dance party, but her mom wanted some meaningful activities to make it special...So we pulled together a very cool party. The girls learned where endangered species were on a map of the world, they wrote cards to kids their age who were fighting cancer, they pledged to stop bullying in their schools and they left empowered and energized.

The feedback was universal “that was the best party I’ve ever been to.” “It was beautiful and meaningful.” Altruette’s Birthday Box was born. Girls and moms alike love it because it’s:

Fun - The girls love getting involved and feeling like they can make a difference

Meaningful - They’ll leave with stamps in their passport reminding them of the causes they learned about

Easy - Most of what you’ll need you can download directly from our site below; the rest will arrive in a box at your doorstep.

Unique - There’s nothing else quite like an Altruette Charm Party. (And believe us, with four kids between us we've really searched!)


Each Birthday in a Box includes:

  • Inspiring Invites
  • Altruette Activity Stations:  Engage kids in fun activities that deepen their understanding of problems and solutions facing our planet. 
  • Perfect Passports
  • Fabulous Favors: Each girl will leave with a new charitable charm (or a few!) to start her collection


Let's Party! Click here to purchase the Altruette Birthday Box! Once you've made your purchase, an Altruette representative will contact you to arrange charm selection, party favors, and activity stations. We can't wait to see how your girls will Change The World With A Charm! 


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