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When we were dreaming up our Fall photo shoot, we knew we wanted a model who knew our brand, represented our customers, and believed in our causes. We immediately thought of Amy Goodman, a former journalist (she was at InStyle while we were at Fortune) turned book author and lifestyle guru. We fell in love with her big heart and positive energy, and had so much fun photographing her around Washington, D.C. We're constantly wondering how Amy does it all, so we chatted with her recently about careers, kids, and (of course) charms!
Q: Tell us more about how you've turned your interests into a highly successful career as an author, style expert and TV personality.
A: Ideally, you're extremely passionate about something and you have the great fortune of building you career around you, which has been on of the most unexpected blessings of my life. Sure, I started writing stories as a young kid, but it wasn't until I was living in Japan post college, and writing home tales of living abroad on what was then a nascent and rudimentary "internet" that I realized that if I could make a career of writing I'd be really happy. So back to journalism school I went for my Masters. My first job was at InStyle. I was tapped to do TV and to represent the magazine while there, and I'm still happily writing and on the national airwaves ever since, now as a Senior Lifestyle Editor for and contributor for Rodale's Organic Life magazine.

Q: Favorite Cause?
A: There are honestly too many to name but one that is my current favorite is called Suited for Change. 

Q: How are you raising your kids to be engaged and active in your community?
A: Because I'm wholly terrified of apathy and entitlement, my children are being raised with this constant awareness of their role in the world to try and make it better. Doing a mixture of hands-on activities like Kids Against Hunger food-packing events coupled with clothing, food, book drives. The other day we planted some trees via the internet using some "green" credits we had accrued by submitting grocery SKUs. There are so many opportunities in every day living to be engaged and to teach awareness.

Q: What's you favorite Altruette charm?
A: My favorite is the TV charm for The Geena Davis for See Jane! But I also love the Notebook for Girls Write Now, the Camera for The Josephine Herrick Project and the Globe for

Q: Do you have a volunteer experience you remember from your childhood?
A: I started Japanese dancing at the age of two and a half, and throughout my youth our dance group was constantly performing in different communities before a variety of groups. Because our art form was unique and one-of-a-kind in our small town in Northern California, you can imagine there were many and frequent requests! When other kids were biking and swimming during summer vacation, I was donning my kimono and makeup and sweating at yet another outdoor community event in the sun. But the people I met, the exposure to a live audience,  and the education process that you get as a young person sharing your heritage and history, helped prep me well for a career as an on-air journalist.

Q: You juggle so many things. Do you have any advice for other women who want to become more engaged in their community (give more, volunteer more)?
A: I've been involved with a number of different charitable organizations over the years, and for many of us who are time -strapped the question is how does one find the time? For me it's best to just focus energies and work toward one cause or goal at a time, where I don't feel pulled numerous directions with my volunteer work, but rather designated. In each given year I sit down and decide what I'm going to commit to, much like one maps out New Year's resolutions, and then I follow through. It's quite miraculous really because when you decide to give back, the time in the schedule eases and opens up. It's important, so it happens.