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Our Really (Really!) Nice List

This season we are all about making a difference: by spending money on gifts that make the world a better place, and by shopping small businesses run by people whose mission we admire.  So we teamed up with three other companies we think you'll love, and picked our four favorite holiday gifts that are sure to have a big impact, this season and beyond!

#1 - One World Play Project Soccer Ball

This isn't just a soccer ball, it's a chance to bring play to disadvantaged youth around the globe. Through their Buy One, Give One program, when you buy a blue One World Futbol, they donate a second ultra-durable soccer ball to organizations working with youth in disadvantaged communities. We think that's a pretty awesome GOAL!!! 


#2 - Altruette Charitable Animal Gift Set

It has never been more important to protect vulnerable animals - and to motivate the next generation to grow up recognizing their responsibility to do so. Altruette's Animal Collection supports three amazing animal charities: the African Wildlife Foundation, Save The Whales, and the Sea Turtle Conservancy, and includes information about each charity on the back of the gift box. We say: Protect and Collect! 

#3 - Moonjar Three-Part Moneybox

We love Moonjars because they are about more than saving allowance, they are a financial literacy tool to help kids understand money - and how to save, spend and share it. (The name Moonjar comes from the idea of "shooting the moon" and creating big dreams, along with the ancient custom of placing dreams in a jar.) We think that's really a gift that keeps on giving! 

#4 - Twice As Warm Infinity Scarf

When the temperature drops, it's impossible not to think of people in need who might lack warm coats, mittens or shoes. Twice As Warm provides a new clothing item to a person in need with every purchase. It's truly a way to feel "twice as warm" this holiday season.