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Lemonade Stand

One of our favorite parts about Altruette is the fact that our charms help teach young girls about amazing causes and about how to give back. This week, we're helping our kids make lemonade out of lemons. It's a fun way to teach your young friends--kids, grandkids, neighbors, nieces and nephews--the meaning of helping others. We can't think of a better way to spend our time this August!

  1. Help your kids select a cause that's important to them and plan a lemonade stand for change. (Some of our kids’ favorite nonprofits are our local dog shelters, the nearby children's hospital, and a local environmental group but there are probably so many worthy causes in your neighborhood.)
  2. Scout lemonade stand locations and sit down and look at the calendar together. (Tip: Find a busy park that has adult softball games during the summer evenings or a location near your local farmers' market.)
  3. Make signs with your kids or give them the tools to make them on their own. Don't forget to include the name of the cause the kids are raising money for, the price for a cup of lemonade and how much will be donated to the cause.
  4. Help your children write or type out three reasons this cause is important to them and why others should help too. (They can hand these out to customers or use the notes as a cheat sheet to help explain to customers why they are doing this. If they can't read yet, you can help them draw a picture of what the cause does.)
  5. Start squeezing lemons! There are a ton of easy recipes online. We like to keep it simple: lemons, water and sugar. (Cookies or Rice Crispy Treats are always crowd pleasers; so if you have the time, bake something together the night before.)
  6. The Big Day. Walk your kids through the process of talking with customers, making change and pouring lemonade. Make sure they understand the mission of the cause they are helping.
  7. Get out there and have fun!
  8. If the cause your kids picked is local, take them with you to drop off the donation.

** And if you snap any adorable photos, send them our way and we will post on our Instagram feed @altruettecharms.

P.S. Don't forget to wear your Altruette charms--they always bring a smile to everyone's face!

 (Illustration by Allison Frisch, Washington, DC.)