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When we discovered @katiejacobsnashville's Instagram feed, we were hooked. Her beautiful photos of flowers, food, and her gorgeous daughter Emmaline have a clean, fresh look that simply scream 'spring'! So we were thrilled when she wanted to collaborate for an Altruette Charms Mother's Day giveaway - and in the process she took some of our all time favorite shots of her favorite Altruette charms. We chatted with her recently to learn a few of her secrets - about everything from photos, to perfect pancakes. 

Q: How will you spend Mother's Day this year?

A: I will be spending my Mother’s Day with my husband and daughter. We’ll go to church and then brunch and then hopefully all take a long afternoon nap together!

Q: Your photos on your Instagram feed (@katiejacobsnashville) and your website ( are so beautiful! Any tips?
A: Photo Tips: Always use natural light, think about interesting angels (I love shooting from above), and make sure your subject matter looks delicious! 
Q: Have you always lived in Nashville?
A: I was born and raised in Nashville. Never thought about leaving. I love it here. 
Q: We also love that giving back is so important to you. Tell us a little bit about how you give back in your community.
A: I think it is incredibly important to teach my daughter, Emmaline who’s one, about giving back. My mom and younger sister are very involved with New Hope Academy ( and we have followed suit by having Emmaline help collect and wrap Christmas presents for the kids and by collecting books for their library. The older she gets the more involved I hope we become!
Q: If you could create your own non-profit, what would it do?
A: I am a huge believer that art helps foster young minds. I was a fine art major in college and creating things (anything from painting and photography to cooking a meal and creating a party) is something I’m truly passionate about. I could totally see myself starting a non-profit that would help foster art programs in area schools. 
Q: Favorite Altruette charm?
A: I love the dog charm that benefits Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. We have a rescue named Bella in our house and she is the sweetest with my daughter, Emmaline. 
Q: Finally, we have to ask: what's your secret for making those perfect pancakes?
A: The secret to the perfect pancake is not to over mix the batter. If you’re making them from scratch or from a mix, just stir the wet and dry ingredients together until just combined and let your batter sit 5 to 10 minutes before making the pancakes. They’ll turn out fluffy every time!
Thanks Katie! We loved getting to know you a bit better and your photos are some of the prettiest we've seen :)